What we grow at Farewell


We currently grow for 3 different sectors of the potato industry. This in turn means that we grow different varieties for each sector with a few varieties being used across the board.


High Grade Seed


Orkney is the ideal place to grow High Grade or Pre Basic seed in the isolation of the Isles away from other crops.  We plant out mini tubers which have only ever been grown in glass houses or poly tunnels and multiply them for two or three generations before they are moved further South.  

These crops are grown as part of the Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS) which ensures the continuing high quality of Scottish Seed Potatoes, by setting strict tolerances for freedom from disease and trueness to type. SASA is the Certifying Authority for the SPCS and also carries out a range of scientific activities in support of seed potato classification in Scotland. 

As part of the scheme the crops are inspected by Government inspectors from SASA both throughout the growing season (green crop) and also before they leave the farm in spring time ahead of planting.  Throughout the summer it's common to see inspectors walking through the crops ensuring they meet the high health requirements of the scheme.

We currently grow 15 different varieties from Scottish, English, Dutch & German controllers.

We are 1 of only 22 High Grade or Pre Basic Growers in the country. We are also members of the Pre Basic Growers Association (PBGA) one of the longest standing grower groups in the UK and I was fortunate enough to be a past president of the Association.  


Ware Potatoes


We aim to grow enough potatoes to supply the Orkney market year round using our cold storage facilities to extend the season.  

Potatoes can be supplied in 25kg, 12.5kg and 2kg paper bags but we can also supply 4 or 6 pack bakers or bakers in larger amounts for the catering trade.  

If you require specific varieties and/or size specifications please get in touch as we can supply whatever size fraction suits you best. 

We currently grow several different varieties for ware including Almera, Maris Piper, Sharpes Express, Scapa and Halo.  These crops are all grown from our own high grade seed crops or bought in from another high grade producer to ensure we keep our high health status. 

Almera which is naturally lower in carbohydrates than other varieties will soon be available in a branded "Fewer Carbs" bag but this won't be on the market just yet as we need to multiply our seed stocks for another year! 

Maris Piper is one of the UK's largest varieties and continues to deliver year in year out.  It produces large long oval tubers with a great test and texture.  These are ideal for mashing and baking and are also used for chipping as they have a high dry matter. 

Sharpes Express is a great tasting first early variety which is a family favorite in Orkney.  It also has a high dry matter with floury texture making it ideal for mashing and baking.


Scapa is a Phureja ("fur-eka") variety.  These varieties originated from Peru in the foothills of the Andes and have incredible taste and texture profiles making them a firm favorite with both professional chefs and amateur cooks alike.  That have golden skins and a deep golden flesh colour. They cook very fast and will boil in 5 minutes - trust us when we say that! 

Farewell Farms not only named the variety but controls Scapa world wide. We currently have it growing under licensed seed production in Australia and New Zealand. 

Halo was bred for its taste and is a half Phureja.  Its parents are Jelly (Europlant Germany) x Mayan Gold (JHI).  It produces incredibly even sized tubers with excellent cooking attributes but especially for roasting.  This variety is used in the "Ultimate Roaster" brand which is growing in popularity with each season.

Both Scapa and Halo were bred in Scotland at the James Hutton Institute (JHI) at Dundee and Farewell Farms holds the world wide marketing agreements for both.  We also hold the marketing rights (with the exclusion of the UK) to another Phureja variety called Mayan Rose.  This is currently being grown under licensed seed production in Australia and New Zealand.


Chipping Potatoes


We plan to start growing chipping potatoes in the 2024 season.  These potatoes will be grown locally in Orkney and kept in one of our coldstores run at a warmer temperature and held with Restrain.  We are just getting started with this project but will update you when we have more info!


Farewell Farms are members of the British Potato Trade Association (BPTA) and market under PBTA terms and conditions of sale.